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Our goal is to promote the conservation of Aotearoa's native seabirds. Join our community as we work towards a safer place for our seabirds.


Protect our Petrels is driven by a passion to conserve seabirds, Protect Our Petrels began in 2022 when  Auckland community members decided that enough was enough. Aotearoa is a seabird capital and sadly our seabirds are impacted heavily by us. It's time to raise awareness and bring about changes to help protect and conserve our seabirds.

Help and Advice

Aotearoa is a seabird capital home to 25% of the world's seabird species. 1/3 of them only breed in Aoetearoa making Aotearoa a special place. Sadly many seabirds are threatened every year by a plethora of risks. Read more to learn about seabirds and risks impacting them and how you can help reduce threats to them


Across Aotearoa there is a vast number of research and events occurring to understand threats and conserve seabirds. Some latest research involves seabird bycatch as well as mapping out seabird groundings from light pollution. 

Get Involved

Want to help make a difference for our seabirds? Well, there are some simple ways you can help protect our seabirds. We also organize events both nationally and in Auckland City which you can become involved in. Change starts with you and we would love for you to get on board with us.

Extra extra read all about it! Here are some latest projects and news items

The Petrel Patrol

The concrete jungle of inner-city Auckland is no place for a seabird. 

But that’s where many Cook’s petrels, end up every year: crash-

Luckily, the Petrel Patrol is on hand to rescue lost seabirds. 


Plight of Cook's petrel

Light pollution’s toll on Auckland’s seabirds has been mapped in detail for the first time - teaomaori news (21/10/22)

Shags are dying in Panmure Basin, councillor says

limited food sources and fish hooks being caught in shags’ necks was leading to a decline in their numbers - Times (26/7/22).

Cook's Petrel Bird of the Year

This year was BirdCare Aotearoa's first time as a campaign manager for Bird of the Year 2022. We campaigned for a seabird to raise awareness of the toll that light pollution has on them. Support them and other threatened seabirds for the 2023 Bird of the Year to raise awareness of threats affecting Aotearoa's seabirds. (Video Credit: BirdCare Aotearoa) 

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