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Our Protectors

We strive for the conservation and protection of Aotearoa's seabirds. Together we aim to build community awareness of threats to seabirds to bring about needed changes. 

Ariel-Micaiah Wijaya

Ariel is a PhD student at the University of Auckland studying threats to seabirds from their sensory perspective. She aims to raise awareness of threats to seabirds especially in regards to light pollution and plastic pollution.

Lynn Miller

Lynn Miller is the general manager of BirdCare Aotearoa and has over 35 years of wildlife rehab. She aims to care for and rehabilitate injured birds brought into the center and mitigate the reasons why the birds are brought into the center.

Agustina Dominguez

Agustina is a health care worker with a passion for science and rehab. She helps with the care and rehabilitation of injured birds as well as aims to understand why and why the seabirds which come into BirdCare Aotearoa are injured. 

Brian Wijaya

Brian is a Master's student at the University of Auckland studying plastic ingestion in shorebirds. He aims to understand how shorebirds respond to human impacts. He is also passionate about birds and conservation.

Ian checking the new scope.jpg
Ian McClean

Ian is a travel agent by trade but a bird enthusiast and ornithologist by nature. Ian is the regional representative of the BirdsNZ Auckland Branch and aims to build up public knowledge of New Zealand birds and threats impacting them.

Photo of Kim.jpg
Kim Frakes

Kim is BirdCare Aotearoa's fundraising coordinator. She has a degree in Biological Sciences and is a member of BirdsNZ. She has a deep passion and love for birds of all kinds. She is dedicated to helping raise funds and support for birds, conservation and rehabilitation. 

Lucia Hu

Lucia is a postgraduate marine science student at the Auckland University of Technology who studied NZ’s arrow squid diet. Her love for birds and conservation has involved her in multiple seabird excursions around the Hauraki Gulf.

Our Endorsers

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