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Community Projects:

Auckland region

Here are a some of our community projects which goes on to conserve and protect our seabirds in the Auckland region.  

CBD Cook's Petrel Patrol

Since 2018 over 400 Cook's petrels have been grounded by light pollution in the Auckland city. However, many of them are stuck in the city lost and need to be found.


When the first Cook's petrel arrives at BirdCare Aotearoa in March/April we will begin our CBD cook's petrel patrols. This involves a group of volunteers walking around the CBD from 7am-9am searching for grounded Cook's petrels.

Want to get involved in the next patrol in March-April 2024? 

Dark Sky Corridor

Would you like your home and residential area to be a dark sky corridor? By turning your outside lights off and closing curtains to prevent light pollution from leaking out you could help increase the dark sky. 

Dark sky corridors could help the passage of nocturnal animals including seabirds, through areas of light pollution. An example  of a dark sky corridor is Matuku Link. Matuku Link performs regular planting activities to restore wetlands. They have minimal lights on their land enabling a dark sky corridor for seabirds. As a result Cook's petrels have been heard calling as they fly accross.

Nation wide

Here are a some of our community projects which goes on to conserve and protect our seabirds nationwide

Cook's petrel Bird of the Year

Since 2022 BirdCare Aotearoa has become the campaign manager for Cook's petrel for Bird of the Year (BOTY). 

Help support us by following our social media pages and vote for #votecookie for BOTY/Bird of the Century  2024!

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Want to get involved in some projects or start up your own? Contact us!
We would love to have you on board!

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